THE 355: Jessica Chastain Unleashes Her Particular Skill Set in a New BTS Featurette for the January Release

By: John M Jerva

One film that will be on my Must See Flix for 2022 is the female centric ass kicking spy thriller The 355 which stars Jessica Chastain and an all-star team of actresses in a new thriller from director Simon Kinberg. Chastain is one actress that can do any genre and I am glad to see her trying her hand at the action-spy thriller.

A new BTS featurette headlines one of the film’s fight sequences and Chastain looks up to the task as she displays some lethal skills. Check out the new video below!

Starring along with Chastain is the cream of the crop including Lupita Nyong’o as Khadijah, Penelope Cruz as Graciela, Diane Kruger as Marie, and Bingbing Fan as Lin Mi Sheng. Representing the males in the new thriller are Edgar Ramirez and Sebastian Stan.

Simon Kinberg, who directed Dark Phoenix with Chastain, reunites with the actress to direct from a script he also penned.

I was really disappointed by Chastain’s other action offering Ava as I felt it didn’t know what type of movie it wanted to be but this one looks like it’ll make up for it. The Oscar nominated actress is solid in anything that she does and here she definitely looks action ready.

This film is brought to us by the same studio that gave us Jason Bourne so here’s hoping the shaky cam doesn’t become a factor this time around. From the above video, the fight choreography looks solid so this one is on my eagerly awaiting to view list.

The 355 will blast its way into theaters on January 7, 2022!

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