The Action Fix: Happy Birthday to Kenpo Pioneer and Action Star Jeff Speakman!

By: John M Jerva

Kenpo master and pioneer Jeff Speakman has been one of the most influential figures in both the martial arts and action cinema. Speakman burst onto the scene back in the 90’s with the hyper-kinetic martial arts actioner The Perfect Weapon. The film was the first of its kind to showcase the lethally beautiful art of Kenpo and it put Speakman on the map as a force to be reckoned with.

Even though Speakman’s career never really reached the heights it should have, he still left his mark as one of the most devastating practitioners in the arts and continues to be to this day.

November 8th marks Mr. Speakman’s 63rd birthday and it’s an annual tradition here at to celebrate him and what he’s accomplished. It’s time to share another bone smashing clip from his filmography and this year I’ve chosen a more obscure pick.

Everyone always shares scenes from The Perfect Weapon but today I’ve chosen his lesser known DTV classic Deadly Outbreak (AKA Deadly Takeover). It’s a glorious release from the fine folks at Nu Image who essentially became the 90’s version of Cannon Films. Nu Image turned into Millennium Films which is the company that releases fine action product like The Expendables franchise.

Speakman stars as US embassy soldier Dutton Hatfield who must break into action when a terrorist grouping led by Colonel Baron (the late, great Ron Silver) breaks into a biochemical facility to steal a top secret bio weapon.

In pure Die Hard fashion, Hatfield launches a one man war on Baron and his men which happens to include the awesome and pulverizing skills of Kenpo Karate. Speakman is at his best and does the genre proud with over the top stunts and penetrating fight sequences that showcase the greatness of 90’s DTV action.

There’s a lot of firepower here but Speakman also gets to highlight the devastating and brutal moves of Kenpo in several scenes. Check out Speakman in action as he saves the day with some violent works of deadly art in the clip below!

Once again happy birthday Mr. Speakman. You changed my life and taught me the valuable lessons of the arts and I’ll never forget seeing your breathtaking skills on the big screen for the first time.

The Kenpo Creed

I come to you with only Karate, Empty Hands.

I have no Weapons, But should I be forced to defend Myself,

My Principles, Or My Honour;

Should it be a matter of Life or Death,

Of Right or Wrong;

Then here are my Weapons,


My Empty Hands.

Grand Master Ed Parker

As an added bonus, check out the trailer for Deadly Outbreak below!

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