(Update) RUPTURE: The Guns Blazing Trailer Hits for Director Ranjeet S. Marwa’s Actioner Starring Mark Strange

By: John M Jerva

Update: The newest trailer has been unleashed for Director Ranjeet S Marwa’s newest dystopian actioner Rupture which stars Mark Strange. Revel in the controlled and bloody chaos in the newest footage below!

(Original Post) Another candidate for underrated action star on my list is martial artist and veteran actor Mark Strange who has been involved in some of indie action cinema’s best offerings like Displaced, Underground and the recent Redcon-1. Strange has delivered some top tier fight action for years and even took on Bruce Lee in Ip Man 4: The Finale. OK, it wasn’t actually Bruce himself but Asian powerhouse Danny Chan but the scene was still a highlight of the film and Strange definitely brought the pain.

Now Strange is front and center as he should be in director Ranjeet S. Marwa’s latest offering Rupture which looks like a dystopian killer good time. New key art has surfaced on social media which shows Strange standing alone as he’s about to release some major whoop ass for genre fans. A promise of a new trailer this Friday is also etched on the image so in a few days, we’ll be able to see more bone cracking footage from the filmmaker who also is also bringing us the brutal action film Exiled: The Chosen Ones Check out Strange looking ultra cool below!

Synopsis: Raven, a recently freed man from prison must confront the people who put him inside. However, revenge is not always the answer, redemption is.

A teaser trailer dropped a few months back which showcases some of the awesomeness that awaits but it’ll be a fine day this Friday to see even more of the film.

Strange looks bloody fantastic here and this one looks like it’s going to follow in Marwa’s trailblazing lineage of pure unadulterated action goodness. With movies being delayed left and right nowadays, I’m always on the hunt for hidden gems and this one is definitely on the top of my list and indie action cinema has been picking up the slack for fans.

The film also stars David Lamont, James Bryan, Nick Khan, Navundeep Singh Marwa, Jeevan Singh Marwa and Shally Amanda.

Blunt force trauma is in order for action aficionados so check back here this Friday for the big trailer reveal and remember to keep it locked and loaded right here as we are your destination for everything action!

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