The Action Elite Live: The War Room: Discussing the Greatness of DEMOLITION MAN!

By: John M Jerva

I’m on injured reserve for the time being but The Action Elite Live: The War Room is back and better than ever. In this episode, ringmaster Eoin Friel along with J-Man and Sean discuss the greatness of the 1993 action classic Demolition Man which starred Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes in a winner take all sci-fi action extravaganza that was the pinnacle of 90’s adrenaline laced cinema.

Demolition Man is one of the last great movies from Stallone before he had a slight downfall throughout the rest of the decade and into the 2000’s but this film is prime Stallone and adding in Wesley Snipes who started to take off after this film, it’s a true action spectacle. You always know that an action film is good when the opening sequence rivals most movies’ finales. Demolition Man’s opening salvo is bombastic and full on Stallone and Snipes at their best.

It’s Stallone Vs. Snipes and all bets are off with incredible action set pieces and two of action cinema’s greatest going mano a mano.

Enough talk! Check out the latest episode The Action Elite Live in the player below and remember…”You are The Action Elite!”

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