Action Short: IMMORTAL 65 is the IRON FIST that the Netflix Marvel Series Should Have Been!

By: John M Jerva

First I’m going to go on record as saying that even with its flaws, I still enjoyed the Netflix Marvel series Iron Fist. Sure it had its share of problems but I’m probably such a super fan that I’ll take what I can get. The second season was light years better but I feel that the show never recovered from its freshman season failure. Was Finn Jones miscast? Probably, but I felt he did the best he could with the role and might have flourished if able to continue with it.

Well, fans of the Iron Fist property have much cause for celebration as there is a new fan film roaming the internet that is probably the fiercest representation of the Marvel martial arts superhero yet. The biggest aspect is that here, the character actually wears the damn outfit unlike in the aforementioned series. Nothing burns me more than when the character only wears the outfit for a little chunk of screen time. Are you listening makers of Snake Eyes?!

The short film, titled Immortal 65, brings the Iron Fist legacy to life even though it’s technically not the Danny Rand character. This film which stars Christian Howard of Street Fighter fame features Rand’s predecessor Orson Randall and is set in New York City in 1948. One cool aspect of this character is that he brandishes two pistols where he channels his Chi into bullets. How friggin awesome is that?

The plot sees Randall in a massive and epic martial arts infused battle over the Book of the Iron Fist where he takes on The Hand and The Crane Sisters for possession of the sacred text. Winner takes all.

Immortal 65 was helmed by Josh Mabie and is a product of Rogue Origin Films who are known for churning out exhilarating fan films for Fatal Fury, Naruto and other Anime properties. Howard and Mabie have collaborated on the past and this is their strongest outing yet and with a more sizable budget, it’d be interesting to see what these talented individuals could pull off.

Howard starred as Ken Masters in Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist movie which was subsequently a short film first so things have come full circle for the actor. Maybe this short will turn into a longer feature film as well and he’ll get the opportunity to play this property again.

The fight choreography and action rivals anything that fans have seen in Shang-Chi or the Daredevil series and it is fast, furious and extreme with Howard delivering the empty handed fight action goods. It’s a wonder why some of these fan films get it right while bigger studios just don’t get it.

The special effects aren’t too shabby either with the highlight being the emergence of the flaming Iron Fist that is unleashed during the full throttle battle sequence. His whole body erupts into a Phoenix laced powder keg that looks sensational with the movements of Howard.

The actual running time is less than eight minutes including credits but that’s enough to feed the need for some serious and extreme fight action. Howard’s Randall takes on a host of lethal assailants in a crowd pleasing spectacle of comic book drenched artistry.

Check out the double fisted action of the new short film Immortald 65 below! With rumors of Charlie Cox returning to the role of Daredevil, maybe Marvel can call up Mabie and Howard to take over the mantle of Iron Fist in the future. Ring, ring. Paging Mr. Feige.

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