The Action Elite Live- The War Room: Discussing the Greatness of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sci-Fi Action Epic TOTAL RECALL

By: John M Jerva

During the 80’s and 90’s and even beyond, Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the most unstoppable stars in action cinema. From films like Conan The Barbarian to the body count epic Commando, Arnie was a force to be reckon with and each entry was more over the top then the one before it. There is one film that sums up just how awesome Schwarzenegger is during this time and that’s the 1990 sci-fi action masterpiece Total Recall from visionary director Paul Verhoeven.

Total Recall not only boasts a sensational cast that also includes Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox and Michael Ironside but it also delivers a genre bending free for all that mixes satire with futuristic sci-fi thrills along with Schwarzenegger’s trademark one man army style of action sequences. The film is a gleefully ulta-violent blend of practical special effects and stunts and Arnold is in top form as Douglas Quad who plays a seemingly ordinary man who is destined for a whole lot more.

On this installment of The Action Elite Live, the War Room gang consisting of ring leader Eoin Friel, myself, J-Man, Sean and Stephen chat up the greatness of this movie as well as talk about the man himself and the legacy he has given action cinema. Check out our full show below and don’t foget to like and subscribe to all of our YouTube channels!

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