The Action Elite War Room Live: Let’s Chat EXPENDABLES 4 Fan Casting!

By: John M Jerva

We just talked about The Expendables franchise a few weeks back on TAE Live but with the news releases yesterday that the fourth film of the series is finally ready to shoot in October and the new casting announcements, Eoin from The Action Elite and myself just had to do a special chat. From now until the cameras roll, fans will most certainly be dreaming of who they want to see in the newest entry and with Tony Jaa added to the mix, that’s a great start for new additions but we definitely want to see more.

We also give our ideas about what will happen in the fourth film which is pure speculation at this point but this is one of the funnest movie franchises to discuss until the finished product is finally released.

From Dacascos to more obscure actors like Reb Brown, every name is thrown out there and there is no stone left unturned for our “Christmas” list of action stars we want to see so check out what we have to say and by all means, let us hear your thoughts as well!

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