A Blood Soaked Dystopian Future has Arrived with New Key Art for RUPTURE Starring Mark Strange! Trailer Debut Next Week!

By: John M Jerva

Prolific martial arts actor Mark Strange is about to bust action cinema wide open with his latest starring endeavor Rupture which hails from filmmaker Ranjeet S. Marwa (Exiled: The Chosen Ones). Strange has taken on the best in the biz including Scott Adkins, and now he’s about to hit the future hard in the upcoming thriller which promises firepower and fisticuffs aplenty.

A teaser trailer is on the way which will drop next week but to properly pump you up, there’s some new key art that has been making the rounds that shows off Strange and cast with a definitive dystopian feel. Check it out below!

Starring along with Strange are David Lamont, James Bryan, Nick Khan, Navundeep Singh Marwa, Jeevan Singh Marwa and Shally Amanda.

First look footage will hit the web in seven days as Marwa has been teasing on social media. Expect some brutal glimpses to drop next week.

Like I said in my previous posts, I’m getting a distinct Avengement vibe with a sprinkling of dystopian carnage with this one which bodes well as Strange was featured in that Jesse V Johnson helmed thriller starring Scott Adkins. It’s Strange’s turn to headline the film that will certainly showcase his skills. With Marwa at the helm, the action is sure to be of the blunt force trauma variet

Stay tuned for more to come on this one and lock and load next week for the teaser as we are your destination for everything action!!!

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