OPERATION SEAWOLF: Dolph Lundgren & Frank Grillo Unite for Director Steven Luke’s WWII Submarine Thriller

By: John M Jerva

Making the case, although it really doesn’t need to at this point, that Frank Grillo is indeed the hardest working star in cinema today, we have news of yet another action vehicle that teams him up with none other than Dolph Lundgren. The film is titled Operation Seawolf and it’s a WWII submarine thriller no less from director Steven Luke.

Reports come forthwith from The Hollywood Reporter and says that the movie recently wrapped production and is eyeing a 2022 launch date. Luke has a knack for filming action flicks and has put his name on such films as Wunderland with Tom Berenger and War Pigs which also Featured Lundgren as well as Luke Goss.

Per THR: Operation Seawolf is “set in the last days of WWII when Germany, desperate for any remaining opportunity to defeat the Allied powers, looked to their last remaining U-Boats for one final mission: to cruise all the way to New York City and attack the U.S. mainland.”

Promotional Key Art

The film is helmed by Steven Luke who is no stranger to WWII films as he also directed War Pigs and he penned the script as well. He will also be helming Operation Sea Wolf another war movie which also stars Lundgren and Frank Grillo.

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Shout! Studios recently picked up the North America rights to Operation Seawolf and is looking to release the movie sometime next year and even though we don’t know much else about it, my money says that Lundgren and Grillo will be on opposing sides for this one but that’s just an educated guess at this point in time.

I am intrigued at the submarine aspect of it and that Subgenre hasn’t been done a whole lot lately although Gerard Butler’s Hunter Killer which was released recently was a good an exhilarating entry. Hopefully there’ll be some on land action as well just like that film.

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Source: THR- https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/cannes-dolph-lundgren-frank-grillo-set-sail-in-u-boat-thriller-operation-seawolf-exclusive-1234971779/amp/

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