WARHORSE ONE: Johnny Strong is the Tip of the Spear in the Teasers for Director William Kaufman’s Latest Bullet Fest!

By: John M Jerva

Fans of indie action cinema certainly know the name of filmmaker William Kaufman. The prolific action maestro has scored fans all over with his high-octane offerings including Sinners and Saints, Daylight’s End, The Brave with Louis Mandylor and The Marine 4: Moving Target starring Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. He also directed Jarhead 3: The Siege featuring action star Scott Adkins. Firepower and heroic endeavors always fill a Kaufman film and fans get their money’s worth every single time.

The first two titles, which are considered classics among the action crowd, starred Kaufman’s go to actor in Johnny Strong who brings a sense of authenticity to the proceedings with his knowledge in all things weaponry and tactics and he has that certain something when it comes to leading man bravado. Strong has that old school, throwback attitude that was welcome in the 80’s and 90’s and is sorely lacking in today’s cinema.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from both men and the pandemic last year certainly didn’t help but we have been getting brief teases of the pair’s latest endeavor titled Warhorse One which features Strong as a soldier who is behind enemy lines and not out of the fight. The plot details are vacant right now but we do have teasers to wet your appetite which you can view below!

We also have some tasty images to share courtesy of the film’s official Facebook page which features Strong and others from the movie. Peek at them in the galley below!

As you can see by the above tease, Strong is up against a rock and a hard place but thankfully that’s where he excels so the odds are probably just about even. Plus it looks like Strong is playing the role of savior to a little girl while taking aim at the bad guys that are closing in on our lone wolf. In one of the teasers, the girl proclaims, “I hope the bad guys don’t get us,” to which Strong answers “they won’t.”

Kaufman is one of those filmmakers that knows how to make a lot with little and his way of shooting action and firefights is unrivaled in the game of action cinema. Check out my past interviews with him below!

Interview 1: https://wp.me/pb0Nye-4n

Interview 2: https://wp.me/pb0Nye-7O

For all the latest on Warhorse One which is due out in 2022 be sure to check out the official social sites below!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Warhorse-One-107350988199328/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/warhorseone_themovie?utm_medium=copy_link

Be sure to check back here for more updates as well on Warhorse One as Kaufman informed me that a full trailer will be launching late this summer which will most certainly bring the rain and the tracer fire.

Keep it locked and loaded right here because we are your destination for everything action!

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