THE ACTION ELITE FRIDAY FREE FOR ALL: Talking All Things Action in The War Room!

By: John M Jerva

This week was massively busy and with a new schedule in place for my new job, I hunker down as I try to balance life with my passion that is action films and blogging.

I was supposed to join this past Wednesday’s chat with Eoin Friel and company as JCVD’s Hard Target and Scott Adkins’ subsequent sequel were the topic but I was unable to attend unfortunately but the show went on and it was great.

Well, this is what the doctor ordered as Eoin contacted me about doing a chat Friday where we round to have a special agenda but instead round just go over whatever popped up. News, trailers, and everything else was on the menu and myself, Eoin, J-Man and Sean chatted up all things action including female centered action flicks, Snake-Eyes, favorite films, overrated films, Godzilla, Mortal Kombat, The Tomorrow War and whole lot more.

To say it was a blast would be an understatement and hopefully we will do more Friday night sessions for you the fans.

Check out our first Free For All below as we talk about he greatest genre in film…Action!

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