See the World’s First Feature-Length, One-Take Action Sequence in CRAZY SAMURAI: 400 vs 1- On Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital this July!

By: John M Jerva

The UK is finally going to get their opportunity to check out the film with the 77 minute, one take samurai battle as Dazzler Media is ready to unleash Crazy Samurai: 400 Vs 1 featuring Asian Action sensation Tak Sakaguchi who at one time was retired but that has been greatly exaggerated as he is back in a big way.

Hitting UK home video and Digital this July courtesy of Dazzler Media, check out the key art, images and latest trailer below!

Dazzler Media presents Japanese action star Tak Sakaguchi (Versus, Re:Born) in Crazy Samurai: 400 vs 1, boasting the world’s first feature length, one-take action sequence, coming to Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from 5th July.


When a master samurai arrives to duel the disgraced Yoshioka dojo, he walks into an ambush. In the world’s first feature length, one-take action film sequence, Miyamoto Musashi (Tak Sakaguchi, Versus, Re:Born) fights for his life against 400 warriors, earning a place in history as the “Crazy Samurai Musashi”.

From director and famed action coordinator Yûji Shimomura (The Warrior’s Way, Death Trance), Crazy Samurai: 400 vs 1 is a thrilling slice of action cinema and a must-see for genre fans.

Dazzler Media presents Crazy Samurai: 400 vs 1 on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital 5th July

Pre-order on Amazon:

I recently and finally checked this one out on HI-YAH! and I must say that I was pleased and disappointed at the same time. The 77 minute sequence has its good, bad and ugly parts to it but Tak is solid as usual in it although the action sequence at the end was far better and brutal than the the one shot.

I will do a longer take on it in the future but I will say that if your a samurai film buff, you’ll probably gravitate towards it and accept it worts and all. Tak dazzles in the action and it’s his show and the finale, which is way shorter and sweeter, delivers the hyperkinetic sword play and ultra-violence that samurai films are known for.

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