Shout! Studios Readies the Hong Kong Actioner THE ROOKIES Featuring Milla Jovovich for a Theatrical & VOD Release in April!

By: John M Jerva

I had covered the Hong Kong action film The Rookies on my old site a few years ago and while the film has seen a release in China, overseas viewers have been still waiting for a domestic release stateside. Featuring Resident Evil and Monster Hunter star Milla Jovovich, the movie is now ready to hit select theaters and VOD in April.

Shout!Studios will be handling the distribution over here and they have unleashed new key art and a trailer to commemorate the release. Check them both out below!

Daredevil and extreme sport lover Zhao Feng (Alu Wang) has always lived life on the edge. But when he gets caught up in an illegal trade scheme, he realized he is in way over his head. When he crosses paths with deadly and mysterious Special Agent Bruce (Milla Jovovich), she recruits him into the shadowy Order of the Phantom Knighthood, which is dedicated to fighting evil in all its manifestations. Fleshed out by a scrappy police officer, a scientist and an unemployed doctor, this ragtag outfit becomes the Order’s newest and most unlikely crime-fighting unit. Led by Agent Bruce, these four rookies are charged with defeating die-hard terrorists in this action-packed adventure.

While Jovovich has a smaller role but is splashed all over the advertising, the main stars include Alu Wang as well as Sandrine Pinna (Touch of Light) and Talu Wang (The Last Wish).

Alan Yuen, who is best known for Firestorm and writing the screenplay for New Police Story, directs the movie which is being described as a “an electrifying, globe-trotting thriller” and will see a select cinema and VOD launch on April 16th.

Watch the new Shout! Studios trailer for The Rookies below!

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