FIREPOWER FRIDAYS: Jason Statham Plays it Cool and Dishes Out His Signature Action in the Casino Raid Sequence from SAFE!

By: John M Jerva

It’s Friday night in the cold month of February so it’s time to turn up the heat wiith another installment of Firepower Fridays! It’s been a little while since I mentioned Jason Statham and since he is one of my favorite action stars working today I figured I’d pay tribute to him and share the ridiculously violent shootout from one of his best action offerings Safe.

Statham has always had a knack for looking completely cool under pressure and that is certainly evident here during the casino raid sequence from the movie which has Statham, who plays Luke Wright, a washed up MMA figher and former elite cop who lays it all on the line to protect an innocent girl when she becomes the target of the Triads, the Russian mob, and corrupt NYC cops. Luke has it bad at first in the movie and essentially has nothing to live for after his wife is brutally murdered by ruthless gangsters who then go on to make his life a living hell.

This is Statham we’re talking about of course and it doesn’t take long for The Stath to turn the tide on the bad guys and dish out some good old 80’s and 90’s style vengeance while protecting said girl all at the same time. Statham always looks like he’s on auto pilot in his action scenes and he certainly makes it look easy all the time and here it’s no exception.

Image result for jason statham safe

Helmed by Boaz Yakin, Safe is another example that no one does it as good as Statham and the movie is locked and loaded with spectacular action from start to finish which includes intense and ultra-violent firefights with a dash of Statham’s signature fisticuffs all roled up into one adrenaline rush of a good time.

The casino raid is a perfect example of Statham taking care of business as the bullets and mayhem fly all around him and I don’t even think that he breaks a sweat as he surgically carves his way through numerous, faceless baddies with a variety of weapons and his hands and feet.

The scene moves at a breakneck pace and The Stath goes all out with the fight choreography here as he not only shoots plenty of holes in the enemy but he also pistol whips them to full effect so I guess this could be another Firepower Friday/Foot Fist Friday combo once again.

Check out the bullet riddled throwback sequence below and see why Statham is a first ballot contender for the action film hall of fame in this carnage induced scen from 2012’s Safe!

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