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Yakuza: Like a Dragon | PS5 First Look

DRAGON SOLDIERS: Elite Mercenaries Face an Ancient Evil in the New Action-Thriller Now Available on DVD & Digital from Lionsgate Home Entertainment!

By: John M Jerva

Hell’s about to come from above! Totally missed this the first time around as Lionsgate Home Entertainment has recently released a new action film called Dragon Soldiers on DVD and Digital and judging from the trailer, it looks pretty bad ass. The film, from director Hank Braxtan, features Ruben Pla and Antuone Torbert in a story about elite mercenaries who stumble upon an actual fire breathing dragon, yeah you heard me right, while on a mission. Check out the DVD cover art, images and trailer below!

A lethal creature hides in the woods that surround a suburban area and kills anyone who comes near it in Dragon Soldiers, now on DVD, Digital, and On Demand from Lionsgate. Starring Ruben Pla and Antuone Torbert.


When locals start vanishing from a small Colorado town, the mayor hires a squad of elite mercenaries to fight off the menace — whoever or whatever it may be. Leader Cameron (Ruben Pla, Insidious) and his team suspect a ruthless gang of mercenary survivalists…until they come face to face with a massive, airborne, fire-breathing reptile. Now, stopping the creature and surviving the attacks will take weapons, explosives, and gunfire, along with every ounce of courage they have left.

Like I said, for an indie film, this one looks pretty killer and the dragon actually looks ominous so kudos to the special effects department on this one. The movie is now available on DVD and Digital so check out the fire breathing new trailer below!

Be on the lookout for my review as I will definitely be checking this one out! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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