RAPID FIRE REVIEW: CAUGHT IN TIME Signals the Return of the Great Asian Action-Thriller!

Video Review By: The Arty Dans

Intro By: John M Jerva

Pressed for time! Check out our Rapid Fire Review for the new Asian action pic Caught in Time starring Daniel Wu! It’s everything you need to know about the movie in less time!

The Arty Dans of Asian Film Fans is back with another terrific Rapid Fire Review for the newest Asian action crime thriller Caught in Time. The film stars the very talented Daniel Wu who most of you westerners will know from the hit series Into the Badlands as well as the Tomb Raider reboot.

Signaling the return of the big budget Asian action films of old, The Arty Dans gives his official stamp of approval on this on so check it out in the video player below!

Daniel Wu (Into The Badlands, Overheard trilogy, Warcraft and dozens of HK action films) leads the cast which also includes Qianyuan Wang (The Eight Hundred, The Guilty Ones, Shadow, Lobster Cop), Jessie Li (Monster Run) and Michelle Wai (White Storm 2, Songs of the Neon Light, As The Light Goes Out). 

Ho Leung Lau helmed the flick which features some pretty hard hitting action set pieces so expect the movie to lay down a gritty and urban vibe as cops infiltrate a gang of robbers in order to bring them down. 

Keep it locked and loaded right right here for more to come on the movie and in the meantime, watch the new Rapid Fire Review from The Arty Dans over at Asian Film Fans!

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