PROJECT: X-TRACTION: The Upcoming Action-Thriller Starring Jackie Chan & John Cena Earns the Chinese Seal of Approval

By: John M Jerva

To tell you the truth, I had completely forgotten about the new Jacke Chan/John Cena action flick Project X-Traction as the film has been kicking around for a while now and I must say that now we have some news on the flick, my interests have peaked once again.

First of all, for those of you in the dark on this film, Project X-Traction is a new film from director Scott Waugh who is best known for producing and co-dircting the militrary action film Act Of Valor which starred real life active Navy SEALS, and it stars Chan and Cena as two ex-special forces operatives who are tasked with transporting a group of civilians from the dreaded “highway of death” in Baghdad to the safety of the Green Zone.

Chan was supposed to co-star with Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone in the film but Sly dropped out due to his commitment with filming Creed 2. After Stallone exited the project, WWE superstar and actor John Cena stepped in to save the day and now co-stars with Chan in the film.

The film is currntly in post production and we have some new on the flick coming from Action-Flix contributor The Arty Dans of Asian Film Fans saying that the movie has recently earned the “Golden Dragon Mark” which is the Chinese Government seal of approval. Earning this mark means that the Chinese government has approved the film and it will be able to play in Chinese theaters upon its release. This news also means that the movie exists now in celluoid form and we will be able to see it soon.

A Chinese teaser poster was released a long time ago for the movie and even though it’s in Chinese, it still is a cool one sheet for the film. Check it out below along with a promo shot of Chan from the movie.

There are also some nice shots from a Chinese event for the film whcih feature Chan, Cena and Waugh which you can see below taken at the time of the official press conference announcing the film.

The cast also includes resident bad ass Tim Man who is the action genre’s top actor and fight and action coordinator and has teamed with action star Scott Adkins on a slew of films imcluding Triple Threat, Ninja 2 and most recently Legacy of Lies. Here’s hoping Man is utelized well in the film.

Chan is set to be seen next in Vanguard which is hitting Chinese theaters this week and Cena is, of course, starring in F9 which was delayed until next April and also has The Suicide Squad where he stars as Peacemaker. That film will hopefully hit theaters next August.

Hearing that the film was viewed for Chinese sensors means that the film is hopefully nearing completion and we will hear of a release announcement very soon as well as first look footage from the film. With chan and Cena teaming up, expect a good amount of action, insane stunts and humor to go along with the ride so keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come from Project X-Traction as we are your source for everyhting action!

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