The Action Fix: Snake-Eyes & Storm Shadow Clash Anime Style in GI JOE: RESOLUTE!

By: John M Jerva

To say I was disappointed in the fact that the feature film Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins was delayed for over a year from its initial October release this year to next October so to quell my sorrows, I’ve been on a Snake-Eyes kick for a while now. This includes watching the two live action G.I. Joe films as well as some of the animated fair.

One such awesome adaptation has been the Anime style G.I. Joe-Resolute which was a web series that was put together to make a short film. The series was 10 five minute episodes with a final 10 minute finale back in 2009 which was the same year Rise of Cobra was released. The animation was pretty well done and it featured some deaths in the Joe Universe which made it far more realistic then the previous afternoon cartoon from the 80’s. It was much more adult oriented in nature and the action sequences were top tier basically making the Marvel Comic come to life.

In Resolute, the Joes are thrust into a major mission as Cobra Commander unleashes a weapon of mass destruction leading to all out war. The prominent Joes in the series included Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock and, of course, everyone’s favorite Ninja Commando Snake-Eyes.

It’s Snake and his ongoing feud with his Arashikage clan brother Storm Shadow which is the focus of this edition of The Action Fix. The two populate characters engage in a fierce battle of wits and skill during the show. The fight choreography is damn near perfect for an animated feature and Snake and Storm are in fine form.

The battle takes place on a remote island that used to be part of the Arashikage clan making it more symbolic and the heated exchange is enough to satisfy fans with the two Ninja masters executing some bad ass moves culminating in one of the best on screen fights between the two iconic favorites in the Joe universe.

If you haven’t seen Resolute yet, I suggest seeking it out as it is also available on DVD with some special features included. In the meantime, check out the intense battle between Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow below to help you as you wait for the next live action film featuring Henry Golding as Snake and Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow!

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