Action Legend Mark Dacascos Visits with Scott Adkins on THE ART OF ACTION!

By: John M Jerva

Mark Dacascos is a living legend. The martial artist and actor has been a staple in action films and television for over thirty years now and he’s still going strong as his newest offering One Night In Bangkok is set to hit next week on DVD and Digital. The film is a gritty noirish homage to Collateral and Dacascos really shines as an aging assassin.

With a storied career under his belt, Dacascos visits The Art Of Action which is Scott Adkins’ great podcast where he has been talking to star after star in the action film community. Mark talks about past films like Drive, Crying Freeman and, of course, Only The Strong. We even get a little Shakespeare as well. Dacascos also gets the opportunity to reflect on John Wick: Chapter 3 as Adkins recently spoke with director Chad Stahelski last week.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure in talking with Mr. Dacascos twice now for my site and I just had a conversation with him for One Night In Bangkok. You can check out my first interview with him here. Be on the lookout for my second exclusive chat with Mark next week to celebrate the release of One Night In Bangkok.

In my last interview with Dacascos, I got the chance to talk with him about John Wick and the icon shared a great on set story from filming with director Chad Stahelski!

I’ll tell you the story of one day while doing the finale fight scene with Keanu and Chad wanted Keanu to do a particular move and Keanu didn’t think he was familiar with it so instead of Chad asking a stunt guy on set to show him, Chad just takes off his earphones and goes over there and pulls out a matt and does this incredible move with one of the stunt performers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a director go out and do the move and do it so flawlessly. I could not do the move that he did. Keanu then says that he wants to try it and two or three times later, he’s doing it and I was just so inspired by these guys. It certianly makes a difference when your director has actual working experience with action and that’s what makes Chad so special and one of the many things that makes him special.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to talk with both Adkins and Dacascos multiple times and they really are two of the most sincere, nice and down to earth talents in the genre today. Also they are two of the hardest working men in the business and when you see either name attached to a project, you know it’s going to be the reel deal and they are going to deliver the high-octane goods for fans everywhere.

Take a break from your hectic day and check out Adkins’ latest episode of The Art Of Action with Dacascos below!

Interview Chapters:

0:00 Introduction

4:16 Martial Arts Background

10:58 Love/Hate Relationship with Martial Arts

13:27 Ma Bu

18:40 Getting into Movies

24:46 American Shaolin

26:04 Only The Strong

32:33 Crying Freeman

34:30 Drive

40:05 John Wick 3

47:43 Shakespeare

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