Veteran Stunt Master JJ Perry and Action Maestro Chad Stahelski Visit with Scott Adkins on The Art Of Action!

By: John M Jerva

I’ve been on vacation the past week and have only been doing some posting here and there and while I’ve been away Mr. Scott Adkins has had another two episodes of his immensely popular The Art Of Action web series where the action Star talks with the who’s who of the action community. Past guests have included Michael Jai White, Tony Jaa, Loren Avedon and Daniel Bernhardt.

Adkins has had two more installments of the series and he was able to chat with martial artist and veteran stunt master JJ “Loco” Perry who has been involved in numerous action films an actor, fight choreographer and stuntman. Perry’s credits include Mortal Kombat, Fast 9, Bloodshot and John Wick: Chapter 2. Perry is the man when it comes to action and he sits down with Adkins and talks about his career and more!

To action fans everywhere, Chad Stahelski is a living legend. From veteran stuntman to acclaimed director, Stahelski is responsible for bringing the John Wick franchise to life and us one of the hottest directors in demand today. Stahelski and Adkins serve up an action master class and this episode is a must watch for all action aficionados!

Next week, on episode 10, Adkins will chat with martial arts and action legend Mark Dacascos who I actually had the honor of speaking with this week for his upcoming action film One Night in Bangkok. look out for both my interview with Dacascos as well next week! I’m off to do some more relaxing! See you all next week!

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