Scott Adkins & Tony Jaa Talk In-Depth in Episode 3 of THE ART OF ACTION!

By: John M Jerva

No one on this planet cannot say that action star and marvel arts phenom Scott Adkins hasn’t made the most of his quarantine time since March when everything shuttered down due to the pandemic. Adkins has made the most of his time by giving back to his fans which pretty much proves the point that he’s truly a down to earth star.

Adkins, who has just started filming Castle Falls, when it hit has been busy making kicking tutorials for his fans, counting down his favorite flicks that he’s starred in and now most recently, he’s been chatting to other notable martial arts celebrities about all things action in a video series called The Art of Action. So far, Scott has talked to Marko Zaror and Kane Kosugi who he’s taken on in film and now he’s got the one and only Tony Jaa for episode 3 which lasts over 54 minutes!

Adkins talks in depth to Jaa about the latter’s historic career and how he managed to do all those insane stunts. This is really essential viewing for any fight or action film fan to see these two legends just sit back and talk about the profession that made them who they are. Jaa’s stories are priceless and a true treat to hear.

Adkins and Jaa, of course, faced off in the instant classic Triple Threat and their climatic brawl is the stuff of legends. Hopefully one day, we will see the two unite again on screen to deliver the bone breaking action goods.

Enough of me talking. Check out the full interview below and enjoy!!!!

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