CRAZY SAMURAI MUSASHI: Tak Sakaguchi is Back with an August Release Date and New Poster for the Insane Period Actioner!

By: John M Jerva

Ever since I saw the first teaser for international action sensation Tak Sakaguchi’s latest endeavor Crazy Samurai Mushashi which is known in Japan as Kurui Musashi. I was immediately hooked and with the promise of a, wait for it, 77 minute long one take action sequence where Tak takes on hundreds of Samurai, I was floored beyond belief.

Not much has been known about the project except for the fact that Tak was was in it and that he was playing one bad ass Samurai. The film was helmed by Shimomura Yuji who is best known for directing the action sequences in Kingdom as well as Tak’s other films Death Trance and Re:Born. Now we have a brand new poster to look at along with an August release date to boot. Check it out below.

There are also new and fresh images available courtesy of the site which showcase a few scenes from the film.

The film will hit Japan on August 21st so hopefully we will receive worldwide release info soon. The film has had a long road to completions Tak even retired at one point in 2013 which thankfully didn’t last as he has also been seen in the CQB action masterpiece Re:Born.

I don’t have to mention that this film will certainly deliver the slicing and dicing carnage that both Tak and Shimomura are known. An extended trailer has surfaced online as well featuring and intro from Tak and although it’s in Japanese, I always say action needs no translation.

Watch the trailer circulating the web below and feast your eyes on the awesomeness of Tak!


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