WIRA: Netflix is Ready to Unleash the Malaysian Martial Arts Fueled Actioner on June 15!

By: John M Jerva

During the recent pandemic crisis and all things entertainment essentially shut down for months, Netflix has certainly been doing their part to keep us entertained and with that they have released some kick ass, high-octane action flicks like Extraction and the soon yo be released The Old Guard. They have also been importing some rather impressive Asian titles like The Night Comes For Us starring Joe Taslim and Iko Uwais.

With that, Variety is reporting that the streaming service giant is ready to unload more bone crunching action in the form of the Malaysian action-thriller WIRA which hails from director Adrian Teh and starring Hairul Azreen and the fierce Yayan Ruhian who is best known from The Raid films, Beyond Skyline as well as the recent third John Wick film.

This is the second film for Teh to hit Netflix with the first being the military action film Paskal.

Official Synopsis: A man with ex-military force background prefers to deal with problems using his diplomatic ways, despite being skilled and fearless in fighting. However, he is forced to fight in his attempt to obtain justice for his family and community as he is left with no other options.

Azreen headlines the film which has him starring as a former elite soldier who, while home from service, must dust off his lethal combat skills in order to save the life of his family from a ruthless gangster. Azreen also starred in Paskal so this film reunites director and Star.

Per Variety: “ ‘Wira’ combines unique aspects of storyline, cinematography, and mixed talents from both Malaysia and Indonesia,” said Steven Lim, producer and director at Multimedia Entertainment. “Malaysians who live around the world now have the chance to enjoy the stories of our national heroes,” said Teh.

In the meantime, while we wait, check out the Full Throttle international trailer below and mark your calendars for June 15th and make sure your Netflix subscription is active!

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