(UPDATE: The Trailer is Live!) MONEY PLANE: Adam Copeland and Thomas Jane Star in the Airborne Heist Thriller Set to Soar in July!

By: John M Jerva

UPDATE: A New Trailer has just gone online for the film Money Plane which features some awesome action and non-stop thrills and you can now view it below along with a new poster which you can see above!

(Original Post) Adam Copeland, who is also a wrestling superstar, has been one of the recent success stories of transitioning from the ring to films and I have enjoyed some of his more recent outputs such as Interrogation which actually had a pretty good twist to the story that you don’t normally see in straight to video action films.

Now Copeland is back in the new thriller Money Plane and he’s got some prime supporting cast members in Thomas Jane and Kelsey Grammer in a tale of a professional thief who must stage a daring airborne heist in order to save his family. The only issue is there are numerous criminals on board which will most likely cause trouble for our protagonist.

The film has been picked up by Quiver Distribution who just put out the Full Throttle horror-thriller Becky this weekend and is set to soar on Digital on July 10th.

Per Deadline who broke the news: The plot follows Jack Reese (Copeland), a professional thief who’s $40 million in debt. Underworld kingpin Darius Emmanuel Grouch (Grammer) offers to forgive his debt if Reese will commit one final heist – rob a futuristic airborne casino filled with the world’s most dangerous criminals. If he fails, his family’s lives are on the line.

Image Courtesy of Quiver Distribution

Andrew Lawrence directs from a script co-written by himself and Tim Schaaf with Denise Richards, Katrina Norman and Patrick Lamont Jr. rounding out the cast which also includes Lawrence as well. Taylor & Dodge’s Tyler W. Konney and Richard Switzer, who are best known for putting out the thriller Black Water with JCVD and Dolph Lundgren produced the film.

In regards to the July acquisition, Berry Meyerowitz, co-president of Quiver stated: “Money Plane is the perfect thrill ride for all of us cooped up at home. We look forward to bringing to audiences this fun and exciting throwback to the great action movies of the 90’s.”

With a July 10th Digital release in tow, expect a trailer to pop up soon and I’m looking forward to this one and if it is indeed throwback material then sign me up. The poster up top certainly has an 80’s flair to it so I’m certainly intrigued. Stay tuned for more.

Source: https://deadline.com/2020/06/quiver-distribution-lands-action-thriller-money-plane-starring-adam-copeland-kelsey-grammer-1202949583/

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