HBO MAX Rumored to be Looking to Make a New and Original BATMAN Project Featuring Affleck, Manganiello and Leto

By: John M Jerva

Here’s some interesting rumor talk to gets you DC fanboys all hit and bothered and it comes from The Culture Nerd who is saying that HBO Max May be looking to bring back Ben Affleck as DC’s Iconic Cape Crusader along with Jared Leto reprising his Suicide Squad version of Joker and most interestingly enough Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke.

Take all this as you will but it does fan the fires after it was announced that the new streaming service will be bringing us Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League. The site is also saying that Affleck will once again also helm the project with Snyder producing and it will use Affleck’s original script that he had written for his solo movie that was scrapped.

Per The Culture Nerd: The return of Affleck’s Batman will either be a miniseries or a DC film on HBO Max, as Warner Bros. is committed to Matt Reeves‘ The Batmantrilogy in theaters. Affleck’s project will likely follow the intended storyline teased by the post-credit scene of Justice League or Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

The site also stated that the project, whether it be a film or mini-series, might center on Affleck’s original plot that involved Arkham Asylum and the rumor mil was in full affect when Manganiello teased that the original post credits scene to Justice League featured a clash between Batman and Darkseid. You can view his Tweet below.

Word also came this past week that Henry Cavill is in talks to remain Superman so it may look like that Warner Bros. and AT&T are looking to develop the DCEU for their streaming app which would make some sense as that might get people to get the app and keep customers with the promise of new DCEU projects.

I am all for Manganiello returning as Deathstroke once again and I was psyched for his involvement in the Affleck Batman film before it was scrapped in favor of Matt Reeves version with Robert Pattinson. It sounded epic and fierce. I’m even holding out hope that a stand-alone Deathstroke film will still become a reality. Oh what could have been. The plot which had Batman infiltrating Arkham Asylum and taking on the Rogue Galley of Villains sounded like it would be the best Batman film yet and to have the finale be against Deathstroke would be icing on the cake.

Now this is all just rumors at this point and nothing may come out of this but it sure is fun to talk about. The Snyderverse might get a second life courtesy of HBO Max and time will only tell if this in deed becomes a reality. Long live the Bat!

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