By: John M Jerva

First off, let me say that I saw Deep Blue Sea in theaters back in 1999 and the Renny Harlin helmed super shark movie remains a favorite of mine. Plus it had Thomas “The Punisher” Jane and LL Cool J in it so that right there was worth the price of admission.

Now with that, I never saw the direct to video sequel which sounded like the first film with only lesser known actors and I don’t intend to but evidently, there is a third film on the horizon and it is set to unleash on home video and Netflix in July. This third one has me intrigued because of the addition of a certain martial arts powerhouse so keep reading for the big reveal. Hint… it’s also in the title.

The news comes from Film Stories in the UK and the site stated that John Pogue helmed the movie and it will star Nathaniel Buzolic, Emerson Brooks and martial arts maestro Bren Foster. Just because Bren is in it will make me want to check it out. Hopefully, he’ll take on the sharks just like Statham did in The Meg. The pic was penned by Dirk Blackman whose previous credit includes Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans.

Been Foster as Wolf in The Last Ship

There are no plot details as of yet but I’m sure it will involve humans battling super intelligent sharks that are super nasty. Let’s hope Foster breaks out some sweet shark killing moves.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is also behind the film so it will likely see a Blu-Ray and DVD release as well so lookout for cover art soon as the date gets closer.

I interviewed Bren last year so I will be putting out our exclusive chat soon so be on the lookout for that as we talk The Last Ship, working with Steven Seagal and also martial arts of course.

Deep Blue Sea 3 is scheduled to hit Netflix on July 28th. Once a trailer drops for the film, I’ll have it for you so keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come!

Source: Film Stories-

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