Russell Crowe is UNHINGED: 1st Film to Receive a Theatrical Release in July

By: John M Jerva

Here’s some interesting news that broke today as Solstice Films is announcing that their thriller Unhinged which stars Russell Crowe will be the first theatrical release to hit cinemas since the shutdown in March.

The film was originally supposed to drop in September, but the company is rolling the dice that audiences will want to come out again when theaters begin to open up once again. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was supposed to be the first on July 17th followed by Disney’s live action MULAN remake but Unhinged will beat them to it as it will launch on July 1st.

Unhinged is a psychological thriller starring Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe (Gladiator) from Carl Ellsworth, the writer of Red Eye and Disturbia, and Lisa Ellzey, the producer of Warrior and Kingdom of Heaven. It takes an ordinary, everyday incident to its most terrifying conclusion in telling the story of a mother who leans on her horn at the wrong time, to the wrong guy. “Road rage” doesn’t begin to describe what he’s about to do to her and everyone she knows. The film is directed by Derrick Borte (American Dreamer) and also stars Caren Pistorius, Gabriel Bateman, Jimmi Simpson, and Austin P. McKenzie.

This is a big move and a risky one for Solstice Films as no one really knows how theater goers will respond plus this film isn’t exactly happy go lucky but one never knows.

Unhinged hits cinemas on July 1st so check out the new trailer below!

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