By: John M Jerva

Mystery Science Theater 3000 or AKA MST3K has bashed many a film in the day with its scathing commentary performed by Mike Nelson and company which have given fans many a laugh as they have poked fun at a slew of B and C movies that were so bad they were just screaming to be made fun of.

MST3K has since morphed into RiffTrax but the scathing commentary is still there and now they have released their very first non Rifftrax film called Axcellerator which stars a host of B movie talent like Maxwell Caulfield and Flash Gordon himself Sam J. Jones. We even have Sean Young included so what could possibly go wrong.

Helmed by David Giancola who also directed the incredibly cheesy Time Chasers which Nelson and crew have made fun of and the film is available to rent for free before it hits Amazon for sale. Check out the trailer, synopsis, poster and the 90’s inspired B movie goodness below!

Official Synopsis: Dane Holloway (RYAN WESEN) was going to steal one last car before he quit forever. But when the SUV he steals is hijacked by Tomas, a frantic inventor (WOODY KEPPEL “Icebreaker”) he finds himself being chased by the the Miami police, the F.B.I., and even the C.I.A.

Trapped by gunfire, Tomas passes the device he was attempting to steal to Dane, who is teleported right into the arms of Kate (LAURA JAMES “America’s Next Top Model”). She could be the girl of his dreams except for the global conspiracy he has just embroiled her in. Plus, the stolen teleportation device, code named Axcellerator, seems to have a mind of it’s own.

Ray Moritz (MAXWELL CAULFIELD “Grease 2”, “007:Nightfire”) of the F.B.I. wants to destroy it, while Amanda Graham (SEAN YOUNG “Blade Runner 2049”, “The Alienist”) wants a weapon for the C.I.A. Unfortunately, rogue agent Sy Devol (JOHN JAMES “Dynasty”) has his own sinister plans. Sy unleashes a methodical assassin, Brink (SAM J. JONES “Flash Gordon”, “Ted 2”) who leaves a trail of corpses behind him while pursuing the Axcellerator.

To stay alive, Dane and Kate race to discover the Axcellerator’s secret. The invention of the century will take them on a chase across the globe – and on the adventure of a lifetime.

Also starring are John James, Ryan Wesen, and Laura James (America’s Next Top Model, CBS’s S.W.A.T.).

Now when you watch the trailer, you’ll see that the movie won’t win any awards but who cares because it’s got Sam J. “friggin” Jones in it so what’s not to love. Flash Gordon was, is and always will be one of my favorite guilty pleasures of all time and I even saw it in the theaters when it came out so I’ve been a fan of his since childhood.

The film looks like throwback fun and it will probably fill the self isolation void you will need on a Saturday night so turn off your brain, forget about the troubles of the world and sit back with your favorite beverage while watching the greatness that is Axcellerator!

Axcellerator is available for free this weekend only at the Rifftrax official website and then it will go live on Amazon to purchase. So check it out for free this weekend and you can’t go wrong. Click the link below to rent it and watch the trailer now!

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