By: John M Jerva

Well here’s a different take on the Samurai genre and it looks just as bad ass too as Well Go USA will be officially unveiling the epic period martial arts and sword flick Samurai Marathon on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital on May 12th. The latest entry in the popular samurai subgenre sees a clan of elite warriors who are put into the ultimate challenge when a Lord tries to toughen up his Samurai in a winner take all race that is filled with dizzying swordplay action.

Inspired by a real-life race that is still held annually in Japan, Samurai Marathon 1855 is a lively action pic with a samurai twist. 

In the late feudal era of Japan, a young ninja (Satoh) is operating undercover in the court of an aging Lord during a peaceful era of Japan that is on the brink of change. After the Lord challenges his lazy samurais to a punishing marathon to toughen them up, the ninja finds his loyalties put to the test. Facing impossible odds, this unusual band of characters is running a race to win or die.

The film is helomed by Bernard Rose (Candyman) and stars Takeru Satoh, Nana Komatsu, Mirai Moriyama, Shota Sometani, Munetaka Aoki, Ryu Kohata, Yuta Koseki, and X-Men alum Danny Huston

Peek at some stills from the film along with thetariler that features enough Samurai action to satisfy the masses and be prepared to take the film home on May 12th courtesy of Well Go USA!

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