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Top 10 Action Movies of 2021 to Watch

LEGACY OF LIES: Check Out the Latest Poster and Images for the Newest Scott Adkins Action-Thriller!

By: John M Jerva

So the reports of this movie hitting already have been greatly exaggerated unfortunately but while we wait for official confirmation on a release date, we have a new poster to share with you for action star Scott Adkins’ upcoming action-thriller Legacy Of Lies. The newest one sheet shows off Adkins striking a menacing pose and getting ready to unleash more mayhem.

Official Synopsis: Martin Baxter an ex-CIA agent is thrown back into the world of espionage and high stakes when Shasha Stepanenko, a beautiful young Ukrainian journalist seeks his help uncovering the shocking truth about covert operations conducted by the Russian Secret Service.

What haunts former CIA agent Martin Baxter?…ancient enemies, unfinished business or a feeling of worthlessness? Ten years have passed since he resigned the CIA after making a fatal misjudgement in a covert op in Kiev in which he tried to get hold of secret files containing proof of operations conducted by the Russian Secret Service…
Is he willing to die to reveal the truth or let millions of people die…?

The film was helmed by Adrian Bol with a cast that also includes William Forsythe, Honor Kneafsey, John Hales, Leon Cheesua, Yulia Sobel, Marco Robinson, Leon Sua and Anna Butkevych.

Adkins will be running and gunning as well as dishing out some trademark Scott Adkins punishment with his hands and feet so the action will definitely be mega top tier so fans will be waiting impatiently for this one. This film looks like it has a 007 spy vibe as well which will be cool to see.

The film’s official Facebook page has also release some fresh images as well so check them out below!

All this comes after two new teaser posters dropped for two recently announced projects including Castle Falls with Dolph Lundgren and the highly anticipated Vigilante which reunited Adkins with director William Kaufman. Both those films were at the European Film Market in Berlin.

A trailer is also coming very soon that will offer us a first look at what the film entails in terms of action and hopefully a North American release date will be close behind. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to drop!