The Boys are Back with the New Poster for THE DEBT COLLECTOR 2!

By: John M Jerva

Sue and French are back baby and this time it looks like their heading to Vegas for more trouble as a new poster for the highly anticipated sequel The Debt Collector 2 has dropped online featuring stars Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor armed and ready for whatever stands in their way. Check it out below!

They have been given a second chance at life and hopefully this time things will go their way a little more. Plot details are thin right now but Director Jesse V Johnson returns to helm the action and you can expect appropriate amounts of mayhem to follow.

I had the distinct honor in interviewing Adkins a second time this past December for Ip Man 4: The Finale and I asked him about the new movie and here’s what he had to say:

Here’s the thing. I was disappointed with how we ended the first movie and once we made it and edited the film together in my opinion and I don’t speak for Jesse Johnson as I think he has a different take on it but to me I thought we made a mistake and that we shouldn’t kill the two characters. Now my character, he didn’t die, you never see him die. I think we made a mistake and what we’re doing and I hope the audience will be on board with this is that they’ll be OK with it and we’re saying that Louis’ injuries were bad but somehow he made it through and that he’s been in a coma for sometime and my character French thinks that he is dead and one day Sue turns up and he’s alive and Tommy (Vladimir Kulich) took good care of him and hid him away from the people that wanted him dead. He’s been able to pull through and he died twice actually on the operating table but he was able to pull through and my charcter pulled through. We’re kind of rewriting what happened at the end of the last movie in the beginning of this film and we hope everyone goes along with it and the audience is going to be in for a good ride again with this one.

Check out my exclusive chat with Scott here!

Vladimir Kulich returns from the original as Tommy and with the original blending humor and action with great chemistry between our two unlucky heroes, you can expect more of the same the second time around. New cast members include Mayling Ng and Josef Cannon with Luke LaFontaine once again handling the action.

Release info is pending but stay tuned and keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come! In the meantime, hit up our review of the first film and check out a clip below! Vegas Baby!

The Debt Collector Review:

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