Martial Arts Legend Sammo Hung Enlists to Helm the New Military Actioner MEDAL OF THE DAWN

By: John M Jerva

To martial arts and action fanatics around the world, Sammo Hung is a bona fide legend and one of the true pioneers on Asian action cinema. Hung has starred in, produced and directed countless classics and now he is returning albeit behind the camera for the new and awesome sounding military action pic Medal Of The Dawn.

The news comes via JJ Bona at City On Fire and we have a rather tasty promo poster for you to wet your appetite with so view it at your leisure below!

Hung, of course, is no stranger to military action epics after starring in and directing the epic 1987 Vietnam era war film Eastern Condors which not only was locked and loaded with spectacular scenes of immense firepower but also contained thrilling fight sequences as well including a climatic battle that has to be seen to be believed.

Not much in terms of plot is known about the film at this stage but according to COF, the film does star Janice Man of The Brink as well as Ashton Chen Xiaolong who is known for Shaolin Popey. Nick Cheung of The Trough might star also with The Captain’s Oho Ou but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Hopefully this film will combine firepower and fisticuffs also like Hung’s 1987 epic but we will have to wait and see.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more details on the project and while we wait for more 411, check out Hung in action in Eastern Condors!

Source: COF-

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