STRIKE BACK: Section 20 Takes One Last Shot in the New Trailer for the Final Season!

By: John M Jerva

I have been a super fan from the get go of Cinemax’s first ever scripted action series Strike Back which starred Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester where they saved the world for four seasons on the high-octane show. The duo was the best action team on television. The two departed there after and a new team took over for a major reboot of the series and I felt the show didn’t lose a thing with the new cast and revamped Section 20 which included Daniel MacPherson, Warren Brown, Alin Sumarwata and Jamie Bamber. Every season has delivered cinematic caliber action and drama and the action set pieces have been nothing short of spectacular.

The series has gone on for two more seasons and now Cinemax is saying goodbye to the show once and for all and we have the brand new trailer for the 7th and final season. You can also say season 8 if you count the original series that debuted in the UK before Cinemax brought it over. It’s Bittersweet to say the least but I have a felling that Section 20 has saved their explosive best for last. The four return for one last mission and the action is gonna be off the hook! Check out the new footage below!

The seventh and final season of Strike Back premieres on February 14th so say Happy Valentines Day with some rip roaring firepower and fisticuffs one last time!

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