Scott Adkins Playfully Challenges Donnie Yen at the Hong Kong Premiere of IP MAN 4: THE FINLAE!

By: John M Jerva

We are leass than a a few weeks away from the premiere of the Kung Fu masterpiece Ip Man 4: The Finale here in the U.S. as the long awaited closing entry in the historic franchise is set to bow in select theaters here in North America but the film will make its debut first in China on the 20th and the star studded premiere was recenly held in Hong Kong this week and co-star Scott Adkins was, of course, in attendance and the action star thought he would have a little fun as he playfully challenged Donnie Yen’s Ip Man to a fight.

Yen posted a video on social media of Adkins challenging the famous Kung Fu instructor Yen plays for the fourth time complete with him demolishing a cardboard standee of Yen in the film. Check out the shenanigans below!

Now I stress LOL that this is all in good natured fun and it was great to see Adkins playfully kick around the standout. The film features the highly anticipated matchup between Yen and Adkins who plays the heavy in the film. Adkins plays the role of Gunnery Sergeant Barton Geddes who isn’t a very nice man to say the least and it looks like their brawl will be well worth the price of admission for genre fans everywhere.

Yen was also in attendance for the event and fans literally cannot wait for the film to hit as this also happens to be Donnie’s final Kung Fu film. Donnie made the announcement a few weeks agao saying that he will now focus on more mainstream pictures but made a staement on how this long lasting genre made him who he is today. With that in mind, Ip Man 4: The Finale will certainly hold an extra special place in his heart as well as his legions of fans and to have Adkins in the film makes it even more memorable.

Scott and Donnie at the Hong Kong Premiere! Photo courtesy of Scott Adkins’ Official Facebook page

My review will be forthcoming after Christmas so expect an Action-Flix stamp of approval from me on this one as it definitely does not disappoint and is everything that action and martial arts fans could want from a film of this magnitude that features these legends of action cinema.

Ip Man 4: The Finale hits China on December 20th while the North American premiere courtesy of Well Go USA bows a few days later on Christmas Day!

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