BEYOND THE LAW: Immense Firepower is Unleashed in the New Red Band Trailer with Steven Seagal and DMX!

By: John M Jerva

A few weeks ago, a new trailer dropped for the new action-thriller Beyond The Law which reunites Steven Seagal with his Exit Wounds co-star rapper and actor DMX. While the trailer did show off a little action it was a tad underwhelming.

Now that has been corrected with the release of a brand new Red Band Trailer courtesy of The Wrap which significantly improves on what we’ve seen before. Also starring Johnny Messner as a cop looking for redemption, the film is now showing in select cinemas as well as Digital and VOD because you know, some people just need killing.

From director James Cullen Bressack (“Alone,” “Bethany,” “Blood Craft”), “Beyond the Law” stars Messner (“Silencer,” “Weaponized”) as an ex-cop dragged back into his old life after his estranged son is murdered. With nothing to lose, he searches for answers among the city’s most corrupt and dangerous people and crosses paths with a veteran detective (DMX) also determined to uncover the truth. But as their investigations drag them deeper into the criminal underworld, the come up against the local mob, and a mysterious criminal enforcer (Seagal).

Action-FLIX favorite Chad Law penned the script along with Johnny Martin Walters and the film also stars Zack Ward (Transformers), Chester Rushing (Stranger Things) and Bill Cobbs (Demolition Man).

Things definitely get more bloodier in this one with Messner drilling people left and right and Seagal breaking bones. Looks interesting enough and hopefully the action will be sustainable and frequent. After all, Mr. Law usually brings the goods with his films so I’ll be checking it out as always.

Beyond The Law is now playing in select cinemas, all Digital Platforms and VOD, so check out the goods below before you partake in the whole film!

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