ROBOCOP RETURNS is Back On with LITTLE MONSTERS Director Abe Forsythe at the Helm

By: John M Jerva

Last year, genre fans sit pretty excited when it was announced that District 9 helmer Neil Blomkamp was going to direct a direct sequel to 1987’s classic Robocop which starred Peter Weller as a cop who is savagely murdered only to resurrected as a cyborg law enforcement fighting machine. Sadly, Blomkamp dropped out of the project and it looked like the film was in purgatory.

Well, the film is back on at MGM and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the sequel has a new director in Abe Forsythe who directed the zombie comedy Little Monsters starring Lupita Nyong’o which is now streaming on Hulu. Unfortunately, it looks like original star Peter Weller will not be involved as reports suggested that he might be when Blomkamp was attached.

The original film’s screenwriters Ed Neumier and Michael Miner, who are credited with creating Robocop, are returning to produce along with Atlas Entertainment’s Richard Suckle.

The original which spawned two sequels that weren’t received as well was, of course, directed by Paul Verhoeven and was just as much a satire on the world and consumerism as it was a kick ass and bloody sci-fi action thriller. Weller starred as police officer Alex Murphy who is gunned down in cold blood by a merciless band of criminals and is resurrected as the ultimate crime fighting cyborg. The film is a classic and contained several solid and very bloody action set pieces.

The report also said that Forsythe will pen the script as well as Neumeier and Miner has written one years ago that is a direct follow up to the first film. They are now only serving as producers. A remake was release starring Joel Kinnaman and Michael Keaton but it failed to put people in the theater seats.

There’s no other news on the forefront and I have a feeling that this is one project that will stay in development he’ll for a while but you never know. At any rate, keep it locked and loaded right here gmfir any new 411 on Robocop Returns!


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