By: John M Jerva

I was contacted last year by director Josh Blank Fowler in regards to his indie action noir thriller Two Gunned Saint and was immediately intrigued at the premise which tells the story of an elite Hitman looking for some good old fashioned brutal and bloody retribution.

Fast forward to today and Josh has sent me an awesome short film that serves as a prologue to the film. There is also an IndieGoGo campaign running live right now where fans can contribute to the film so they can put in even mire action. Take a peek at the short film below and get ready for some John Wick style firepower and fisticuffs!

A message from the director himself:

Stervyatnitsa: A Two Gunned Saint story.

Six months ago an assassin walked into a St Petersburg nightclub to collect what was owed… Not everyone made it out

We shot this short prologue film filling in the gaps of what one of our characters was up to before Two Gunned Saint starts. I really liked the idea of her encountering the surface of some shadowy layer of behind the scenes villains and accidentally making an enemy that would come back to haunt her later.

Also wanted to dial up that stylised electronic neon aesthetic and use that to make a fight scene with a mysterious, hypnotic quality as I thought that’d set us apart.

We’re raising money to complete production on Two Gunned Saint here (–2#/ or by pre selling copies of the film through a crowd funder, also offering to dedicate a stunt or effect, put their name in the credits and loads of other stuff for our backers, so we’re encouraging people to check that out as the more money we raise the more action we can put in the film

Official Synopsis for the full length action-thriller: ‘Gunned down in an underworld hit and left for dead, Jonas White returns to the city to wage an unforgiving war against the organisation responsible. But after a chance encounter with a mysterious woman, he discovers he may have more to lose than he reckoned on.’

Two Gunned Saint follows the consequences of a violent act through an uncaring neon lit metropolis. Like a contemporary update of a Hong Kong ‘Heroic Bloodshed’ movie, shot through the lens of European neo noir, with a splash of the ritualistic insanity and excess of a Sergio Corbucci spaghetti Western.

The teaser released last year had me sold from the get go as it looks to be in the same vein as the immensely popular John Wick franchise but with a British flair to it that will satisfy genre fans looking for a down and dirty action film locked and loaded with heavy doses of bullets whizzing through the air.

Check out a special crowd funding video below as well as the initial teaser trailer that dropped last year and do your part to see that the film gets made with all the action, blood and mayhem you can handle!