S.W.A.T.- The New Trailer for Director Ding Sheng’s Action Epic is a Spectacle of Mayhem and Firepower!

By: John M Jerva

This new action/ thriller from director Ding Sheng looks like it’s going to be all out war as the new trailer for his upcoming film S.W.A.T. Has roared online and is turning heads in the action community. Take a peek at the new footage as well as a couple of cool one sheets below! After all, it has my two of my favorite F words…firepower and fisticuffs!

Official Synopsis: The story of S.W.A.T. centers on the Chinese Special Police Unit, from their hard training to their first mission.

The film stars Ling Xiaosu, Jia Nailiang, Jin Chen and Zhang Yunlong as well as western actors Kevin Lee who was in Wu Jing’s Wolf Warriors and character actor Robert Knepper from the Fox hit series Prison Break and Hard Target 2 with Scott Adkins.

Sheng is no stranger to action, helming such action films as a remake to A Better Tomorrow and Police Story: Lockdown with Jackie Chan.

The film is set for release in China on December 29th, so hopefully we get international release 411 soon. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more mire to come on S.W.A.T.