ROGUE WARFARE: It’s Time for War in a New Clip from the Action-Thriller Hitting Digital and Select Theaters Next Week!

Saban Films is releasing a new military action-thriller titled Rogue Warfare which stars action heavyweights Will Yun Lee and Stephen Lang along with Chris Mulkey. The film tells the story of an elite unit of soldiers who are tasked with eliminating a terrorist threat in Afghanistan.

To properly pump you up for the release next Friday, Saban Films has released a new clip from the film via ComingSoon.Net which showcases Mulkey giving the troops the details of the dangerous mission they are about to embark on. Check it out below!

A deadly underground terrorist network is on the rise in the Middle East. To take out this new threat, an international team of highly trained special ops soldiers are assembled for a dangerous covert mission in Afghanistan.

Rogue Warfare is looking to end the war on terrorism on October 4th as it hits select cinemas, Digital and VOD so check out the clip below and get ready for war!

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