Filming Wraps on Director Jesse V. Johnson’s THE DEBT COLLECTOR 2 Starring Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor!

Proving that both Frenchy and Sue have nine lives, production has officially wrapped on director Jesse V. Johnson’s sequel The Debt Collector 2 which brings back both Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor for one more round of fisticuffs, firepower and one liners. Things didn’t look good for out two protagonists at the end of the first film as they were shot up pretty damn good but it looks like God is giving them a second chance in the follow up.

Adkins just posted on his official Facebook page that filming is complete on the film and even shared the images which you can view below!

This one, just like its original, was shot low key with little to no details at all and while the plot of the movie is top secret at the moment, it will certainly be interesting to see what fate has in store for the down on their luck duo and Adkins and Mandylor had awesome screen chemistry together so it will be very much welcomed to see the two share the screen once again. I’m sure a lot of you out there will agree with me.

Johnson directs and writes again with Stu Small returning as co-writer and we will certainly have more details for you once they become available. Mandylor did let the cat out of the bag a little while back when he posted a video of the two on Instagram from the set and mentioned that a sequel was in the works.

The first film was gritty, action packed, brutal and hilarious all at the same time and it established the two leads as the newest spectacular on screen action duo. Check out my initial review of the first film when it was released!

You can bet the sequel will serve up even more butality, comedic moments and action just like the first and we can only hope that the ending treats both Frenchy and Sue a little more nicer. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come!

Check out the blistering trailer for number one in the video below!

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