First off, I have to admit that I never heard of the first action short film titled Dead End which stars Bryan Larkin (I Am Vengeance, London Has Fallen) and Julian Gaertner as two lethal hitmen on a mission. I must say that some of these short films are more action drenched then some feature films and with limited running times, they get to the point with the action.

The original won numerous awards while on the film festival circuit and now the high-octane original is gearing up to blow the first one away at this year’s Fighting Spirit Film Festival in the UK. Both Larkin and Gaertner are back for more carnage and mayhem and we have the first look Trailer for you below!

Official Synopsis: Two hitmen are in Hong Kong with a contract to close down a human trafficking operation. Their brutal execution of the contract appears to go off without a hitch but draws into their path a young Chinese girl, living off the proceeds of petty crime under the direction of an wicked guardian, herself a victim of an oppressive Triad gang. The boundary between innocence and evil, right and wrong blurs and twists. Who, this time, deserves to die?

The short also stars Jai Day, Chloe Chan, Sam Gor, Matthew Fung, Louis Yip, Wai Sha Chan Iris Tai, Charmine Lai and Susan Su with Larkin also pulling in duties as the director and writer.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one and its predecessor so I will be eagerly on the lookout to view it. From the sneak peek, the fights look brutal and bloody and the choreography featured is top tier.

All the festival details you need are at the FSFF website so go check it out as tickets will go on sale mid August. Check out all the bad assery in the official trailer below and take a look at more images below!

Official Fighting Spirit Film Festival Website:


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