(Update: SDCC Panel Footage!) SDCC 2019: Terminator: Dark Fate Hits San Diego with Schwarzenegger, Hamilton & Miller In Attendance!

(UPDATE) Got an update for you Action-Flix fanatics in that a video has been posted on YouTube which shows the entire panel from earlier today! Check it out below coyote Jackass Nation!

The 2019 SDCC is in full swing and the weekend event started off with a bang as Terminator: Dark Fate invaded Hall H with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton And Director Tim Miller all in attendance. Newcomers Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna And Natalia Reyes were present to as new details and footage dropped for the highly anticipated November release.

Producer James Cameron was also on hand via video and he dropped a major bomb as he announced Edward Furlong, who played a young John Connor in T2, would be a part of the new film. How the film will utilize Connor remains to be seen.

The other big news was that Dark Fate would indeed be Rated R and Miller was quoted as saying that “the DNA of Terminator is an R rated F**cking movie!”

Hamilton, who hasn’t played the iconic role of Sarah Connor since T2, mentioned that it took a long time for her to finally decide to do the new film. It was said at the panel that Cameron asked Hamilton personally to return and that she decided because if the passage of time and “rocking it as a woman of a certain age” made it worthwhile to return to the historic franchise.

Mackenzie Davis also mentioned that she was hesitant to do a big budget movie like this but Tim Miller balanced the action and emotion so well, she had to do it. Reyes was terrified to be there saying she hadn’t even been born yet when the original film came out and this was huge.

The panel also included more exclusive footage from the film and as soon as it hits officially I will personally update it here on this post so keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come from Terminator: Dark Fate And SDCC!

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