(Update: 2nd Trailer Debuts!) FIST AND FURIOUS: Jung Doo-hong Kicks Massive Amounts of Ass in the Trailer for the Korean Martial Arts Flick!

UPDATE: After sharing the awesome and crazy new trailer for the Korean martial arts revenge thriller Fist And Furious a few weeks ago, we now have an even more kick ass trailer to premiere today along with a new poster as well. Sample the goods below!

2nd All New Trailer
New Poster!

You’ve all heard of The Fast And The Furious, well let me introduce you to Fist And Furious, formerly known as Heuksan Island, which is the new Korean martial arts action epic starring Jung Doo-hong and WOW does it deliver the bone smashing action. Jung is a veteran martial artist, action director and stunt professional who has worked on films such as G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Last Knights. Check out the official trailer making the rounds on the web courtesy of Hancinema!

News collection, missing persons, drugs, escapes and revenge. A former violent detective with a knife in his head and a sneaky materialistic VJ collaborate!

Freelance VJ Gook-hyeon is a North Korean defector who is looking for news when he comes across Ki-man, a former detective who lives with a knife stuck in his head. Ki-man is living off scraps until Gook-hyeon convinces him he would help him get revenge on Jeong Tae-hwa, a drug mob boss who killed his partner.

While they track down Jeong Tae-hwa, they meet Seol-lan, who is looking for her missing sister, Song-hwa, who is Jeong Tae-hwa’s mistress. All three of them head to a deserted island in the South.

How’s that for a synopis folks? They had me at “knife stuck in his head” so expect this one to be all out furious frenzy. It also stars Ryu Deok-hwan, Seo Eun-ah, Ryu Seung-kuk, Jung Ui-kap, Choi Ha-na, Kim Sa-kwon, and Kwon Jae-hwan. It was directed by Ha Won-joon.

The film will be released in its native S. Korea this July but here’s hoping that some worldwide distributor picks this up ASAP so we all may partake in all the hand to hand glory on display here. Check out the official trailer below!

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