Iko Uwais Boards the CHINATOWN EXPRESS and Tony Jaa Remains SILENT for Their Newest Action Projects!

There’s no denying that Indonesian phenom Iko Uwais is certainly making a household name for himself the last few years after appearing in the action-thrillers Mile 22, Triple Threat and The Night Comes For Us. Uwais, who is an expert in the martial art of Pencak Silat is on the rise and he will also be seen in the upcoming action-comedy Stuber alongside Bautista.

Uwais is not slowing down by any means and Martial Arts Action Cinema has brought the word that Uwais will be headling an all new action flick titled Chinatown Express. Iko was on hand at the 22nd  Shanghai International Film Festival  as part of the Er Dong Pictures promo event where the announcement was made that he will star in and also produce the film which Uwais will play a man who must navigate the New York gang land underworld in order th protect his gfamily as his son goes missing during a rash of gang killings. Uwais will no doubt have to brandish his lethal skills to save the day and we will all be winners for it.

Uwais will produce along with Gianni Nunnari and Ricky Siahaan via the Hollywood gang production compant and made the announcement on his official Instagram page.

“Thank you #StarlightInternational#ErDongPictures and Hollywood Gang for having me and my team in your beautiful event. It was an honor, fun and very excited for the upcoming projects. They’re going to be badass. “

In other related news, Uwais’ Triple Threat co-star Tony Jaa, who has starred in iconic action films like Ong Bak, The Protector and of course Triple Threat, was also on hand for the event where he announced his newest project titled Silent. The master Muay Thai has been a staple in the action genre for years and he is a driving force in fight cinema.

“Very excited about the announcement by Starlight Culture Entertainment of the production of my upcoming action film “Silent”. This one is going to be fun.”

According to MAAC, who got the info from an exclusive report from FCS, Jaa will play a “reclusive, mute Thai restaurant delivery man with a violent and tragic past who gets mixed up with a group of mercenaries and dirty cops.”

Starlight Media Group will fund the film with Paradox and Triple Threat’s Mike Selby producing per SC Films Thailand along with Jeremy Bolt from the Resident Evil franchise via Impact Pictures.

It is clear that thw world is finally grasping these exceptional action stars and while we have all known for years what these gentlemen are capable of, it ius great to see them get all the recognition that they desreve.

While we wait for more details to drop on both Chinatown Express and Silent, by all means indulge yourself with a clip from the recent Triple Threat and watch these two action giants square off!

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