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JOHN WICK Creators David Leitch and Chad Stahelski are Eyeing BLOODSPORT and ENTER THE DRAGON Remakes!

News of a potential BLOODSPORT reboot or remake has been circling around the campfires for nearly six years now and it had seemed that the idea of bringing back that iconic martial arts movie that introduced the world to JCVD would remain dead and buried. Who could possibly capture lightning on a bottle a second time around?

Well, if a report posted on Ultimate Action Movie Club.com is true, the two gentlemen just keen enough on pulling it off are the co-creators of John Wick himself. Yes folks, you heard it right. Non other than Mr. David Leitch and Mr. Chad Stahelski themselves. The two prolific veteran stunt professionals turned top tier action directors reportedly want to throw their hats into the ring and the source comes from Sheldon Lettich himself who wrote the original and has directed some iconic action films like Double Impact which also starred Van Damme. And if word is correct, they also want to do an ENTER THE DRAGON remake as well! Enter The Dragon is the iconic martil arts epic starring the one and only Bruce Lee that was a trailblazer setting the standards for martial arts action cinema.

Both Leitch and Stahelski cut their teeth in the film stunt arena for years before creating the epic John Wick franchise that literally made them household names. They co-directed the first film while Stahelski has helmed the last two installments and Leitch has gone on to direct Deadpool 2, Atomic Blonde and the upcoming Fast And Furious Spin off Hobbs and Shaw with The Rock and Jason Statham. They are memebers of an eilte group of directors who were also stunt professionals who have been tearing it up of late and showing everyone how action is done. 

Double Impact recently was screened down in Austin, TX and the acclaimed writer and producer opened up in an interview there that he had a meeting with the two pros and talked about the possibility of getting the project off the ground. Check out Mr. Lettich’s comments below!

“I know the guys who did the John Wick movies, and one of them has gone on to do Hobbes & Shaw. His name is David Leitch and he was a stunt double on one of my movies. These guys, Chad and David, came to my house many years ago and they saw this Bloodsports poster on the wall and you’d think they’d seen a religious icon. And apparently now that they’ve gotten to be these big shots in action movies. The movies they want to do are a reboot of Bloodsport and they also want to do a reboot of Enter the Dragon.”

Lettich also explained that the two properties were owned by Warner Bros. So the ball is really in their court. Apparently, both Leitch and Stahelski have been working behind the scenes to bring the reboots to fruition.

Lettich was also asked during the interview as to whether or not they had his blessing in making them and Lettich laughed and said that they would be in good hands with the two gents.

Take all of this with the usual grain of salt but maybe with Leitch and Stahelski attached, the projects would get off the ground. They might be just the ones to deter the naysayers as well. Time will tell whether this all happens but it is intriguing to say the least.

Now when talking about casting for the Bloodsport remake, all I can say is “paging Mr. Adkins.”

What do all of you think of this? Let’s here your thoughts!

Source: UAMC 


Check out the interview that both Chad and David did for the original John Wick back in 2014 courtesy of We Got This Covered!

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