EXCLUSIVE: Ranjeet S. Marwa’s Dystopian Free For All RUPTURE Hits Cannes with a Vengeance!

Indie action filmmaker is readying his next helping of blood soaked, bone crunching action and this time he’s mixing it with a little dash of sci-fi dystopian drama with Rupture. The film showcases martial arts action star Mark Strange in his biggest headlining gig to date and there will be no shortage of fisticuffs and good ‘ol firepower to be had with genre fans.

Rupture is hitting the ongoing Cannes Film Festival this week and will most assuredly garner distribution to bring this one to the masses as the film blends genres magnificently with highlights of Blade Runner, Avengement and Marwa’s last blood soaked offering Exiled. Take a look at some of our exclusive images from the festival below as the movie continues to make waves internationally!

Ever since I first heard about the upcoming sci-fi action-thriller Rupture from standout indie filmmaker Ranjeet S. Marwa, I’ve been locked in it from creation stage to final product. The movie stars the aforementioned international martial arts/action star Mark Strange in a groundbreaking performance that will be layered with some incredible action set pieces.

Strange looks bloody fantastic here and this one looks like it’s going to follow in Marwa’s trailblazing lineage of pure unadulterated action goodness. With movies being delayed left and right nowadays, I’m always on the hunt for hidden gems and this one is definitely on the top of my list and indie action cinema has been picking up the slack for fans. 

The film also stars David Lamont, James Bryan, Nick Khan, Navundeep Singh Marwa, Jeevan Singh Marwa and Shally Amanda.

Blunt force trauma is in order for action aficionados so check below for the latest big trailer reveal and remember to keep it locked and loaded right here for more announcements on Rupture hitting soon!


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