ASH: Iko Uwais Enlists for the Sci-Fi Actioner Starring Eiza Gonzalez & Aaron Paul!

Iko Uwais is trying his hand at mainstream Hollywood once again snd hopefully he’ll get better results than he has in the past. With failed attempts like Stuber, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Mile 22 (although I enjoyed the shit out of that one and will defend my opinion until the day I leave this earth), Uwais is taking a stab at Science Fiction once again and he’s got some solid backup with Eiza Gonzalez (Ambulance) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) for a new movie called Ash.

Gonzalez stars as a woman who finds herself trapped on a distant planet and if that wasn’t bad enough, her entire crew on the space station has been viciously murdered. Add more tension to the plot, Paul is sent to rescue her but she has no idea whether to trust him or not. What to do, what to do.

Ash is now in production and is being helmed by musician and filmmaker Steven D. Bingley-Ellison (Kuso, V/H/S/99), who is better known to the masses by his stage name, Flying Lotus. Huh? Whatever…

I digress though and unfortunately, we don’t know a lot about Uwais’ involvement in the film but hopefully that will change and hopefully he won’t be wasted in the role like he was in Stuber or Star Wars. Those two roles were criminally underused and could have been played by anyone.

Anyway, you know what to do. Lock ‘N’ Load here for more details to follow!


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