EXCLUSIVE: An Elite Agent Unleashes His Lethal Skills in the New Trailer for MR-9: DO OR DIE Starring Frank Grillo, Michael Jai White & ABM Sumon!

We have the newest exclusive trailer debut for all of you from director Asif Akbar who has helmed such action films as Astro with Gary Daniels and most recently The Commando starring Michael Jai White and Mickey Rourke. His newest offering of fisticuffs and firepower is called MR-9: DO OR DIE which stars ABM Sumon as an elite agent who goes up against the one and only Frank Grillo in a film filled with adrenaline laced action sequences and featuring blistering fight choreography. The movie is a big screen adaptation of a series of popular spy novels from Bangladesh and now it’s making its way to this side of the ocean. Action star Michael Jai White also stars, and we have the brand-new trailer for you below!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENU1f8JzvrM


Based on the highly popular Bangladeshi spy novel series Masud Rana. With a code name of MR-9 (ABM SUMON) is a very highly skilled and veteran spy for the BCI, with a muddled past, he is chosen to join forces with an elite group of International Espionage Agents, set up by the CIA operatives Duke (Michael Jai White) and Taylor (Niko Foster) for a joint operation, including an Indian spy Devi (Sakshi Pradhan) in the mix. Together they race against the clock with the mission to stop an international terrorist attack targeted for Las Vegas, organized by RNR, a high tech corporation run by Roman Ross (Frank Grillo) and his insidious plan to change the current world order.

Director: Asif Akbar Writer: Abdul Aziz, Asif Akbar Nazim Ud Daula

Based on the original novel Masud Rana by Qazi Anwar Hossain

Starring: ABM Sumon, Michael Jai White, Sakshi Pradhan, Niko Foster, Matt Passmore, Oleg Prudius, Kelly Greyson, Omi Vaidya, Shahidul Alam Sachchu and Frank Grillo

Producer: Abdul Aziz, Asif Akbar, Colin Bates, Philip Tan, Hemdee Kiwanuka and Al Bravo

Executive Producer: Niko Foster, Peter Nguyen, Enayet Akbar Milon, Airr Phanthip

Music by: Ricky Kej

Produced and Presented by: Jaaz Multimedia, The Film Post, Chasing Butterflies Pictures, Al Bravo Films and MR-9 Films

This trailer is pretty impressive, and ABM Sumon looks damn dangerous in the lead role. With veteran genre stars Frank Grillo and Michael Jai White backing him up, this one is looking to be a cross between Jason Bourne and James Bond with a little Fists of Fury thrown in for good measure. The footage is filled with impressive visuals, cinematography and blistering action set pieces that includes heavy weaponry and lethal CQB throwdowns. I’m in!

Lock “N Load right here for more future details to come on MR-9: DO OR DIE as we are your destination for everything action!


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