Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Retire…He Reloads…in the Full Trailer for Netflix’s FUBAR!

Get ready to get your Arnie fix as Netflix has finally unveiled a longer and more extended look to Schwarzenegger‘a first ever TV series Fubar. Poking a little fun at his own image, Arnold stars as a retiring elite agent who must reload one last time when he discovers nefarious forces at play. Check out The Governator in action in the newest tease below!

Official Synopsis:

A CIA operative on the verge of retirement discovers a family secret and is forced to go back into the field for one last job.

With Stallone crushing it on Tulsa King, Schwarzenegger is looking to find the same success his fellow action icon is having with his newest venture which sees the action and Hollywood icon playing A CIA operative who finds out that his daughter has become one as well. Action, hijinks and more ensue throughout the eight episode first season.

The series also features Monica Barbaro from Top Gun Maverick, Jay Baruchel, Fortune Feimster, Milan Carter, Travis Van Winkle, Gabriel Luna, Andy Buckley, Aparna Brielle, Barbara Eve Harris and Fabiana Udenio. Arnie will executive produce of course as Star in the series.

Arnold’s first ever series is filled with the usual Schwarzenegger tropes including smoking cigars, blowing shit up and dysfunctional family relationships. Although I think the latter is his real life and not cinema. We also get the occasional jab at his status as an action legend and I do love when stars of his caliber know how to take a joke. Definitely interested in seeing how this one unfolds. 

FUBAR and Arnold hit Netflix on May 25th!!


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