MAUDE v MAUDE: Halle Berry Takes On Angelina Jolie in Warner Bros. Hot Package!

There was a serious bidding war for a new and potentially awesome new action movie over the weekend and when the dust settles, Warner Bros. was victorious. This “hot package” stars Halle Berry going up against Angelina Jolie in a “Bourne Vs Bond” scenario. You may breath now…

Deadline has confirmed that the film is titled Maude V Maude and plot details are being kept under wraps but from the tagline, we can all assume what’s going down.

Roseanne Liang is going to helm the pic from a script penned by Scott Mosier. Berry and Jolie will produce the film of course as well as Berry’s producing partner Holly Jeter per their production banner HalleHolly, and Jeff Kirschenbaum and Joe Roth will produce via RK Films. Mosier and Liang will serve as executive producers.

That’s all we have for now but Lock ‘N’ Load right here for future info because it sounds like the ultimate cat fight is on its way and this one is going to involve heavy weaponry and sick CQB action!

Source: Deadline


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